Time Sight
Will’s mother is in danger overseas, and his father must find her, so Will and his little brother are packed off to relatives in Scotland. Will feels useless. He can’t save his mother. He can’t help his father. And when he tries to amuse his brother on the plane ride, he can’t even locate the images in Jamie’s book—the hidden pictures that everyone else can see. Once at the family’s ancestral castle, though, Will tries again. And as he delicately adjusts his focus, suddenly his eyes tune in to a different visual frequency—the past.
Looking back five hundred years is interesting … at first. But when Jamie impulsively leaps through the opening in time, Will and his cousin Nan must follow, into a past so dangerous that Will isn’t sure how he will get everyone safely home.
“Will and his irrepressible cousin Nan are determined to rescue Jamie, but every trip into history brings greater dangers …. Will is an immensely appealing protagonist. The historical chapters especially shine. Vividly realized, rich in well-chosen details, and charming and thrilling and gross and cruel where appropriate. Gripping and thoughtful; readers will be left pondering their own connections to the past.”
“The characters leapfrog across time searching for lost family and trying to escape danger, sometimes certain death … Give this to history buffs, fans of tales set in the UK, or even adult Outlander viewers who enjoy a good and wholesome read.”
“An atmospheric Scottish time travel story … an often entertaining read.”
Time Sight
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