Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls
Emmy Addison was an ordinary girl—almost.

If you didn’t count the fact that her parents were rich (very), her best friend was a boy (and a soccer star), and she could talk to rodents (and they talked back), she was very ordinary indeed. But she hadn’t been that way for long...

It was only a few weeks ago that Emmy and her friends Ratty and Joe got rid of the evil Miss Barmy, the nanny who had nearly ruined Emmy’s life—not to mention the lives of a few other girls who went missing. But Miss Barmy was now only six inches tall. How much harm could she do?

Lynne Jonell has created a hilarious, inventive, and irresistibly rodent-friendly sequel to Emmy & the Incredible Shrinking Rat.

“Sometimes hilarious, often breathtaking... more clever, rodent-filled fantasy featuring the irascible, irresistible Raston Rat and the extraordinary Emmy—and Bean’s flip-book wizardry.”
“Fans will find plenty of adventure, fun, and all the rodents they could wish for.”
“A solid mystery, great characters... this is fun, and fans of the first book will be pleased.”
Emmy and the Rats in the Belfry
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