Emmy and the Rats in the Belfry (cont'd)
“Readers will cheer when Miss Barmy and henchman Cheswick Vole find themselves behind bars … fans of the protagonist will delight in this quirky, imaginative tale.”
“Ten-year-old Emmy Addison returns with rodent pal Raston Rat to … outwit her former nanny, the devious Jane Barmy, in this fast-paced sequel to Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls …The complicated, improbable but highly entertaining plot showcases brave, responsible Emmy and hilarious, irresponsible Raston.”
“This worthy addition to the series is busy and full of surprises … Again, there are flip art bats!”
“A fantastical adventure starring Emmy and her friends, human and rodent alike, with a healthy dose of wit and a touch of pathos.”
“Complicated magic… a satisfying, page-turning tale.”
Emmy and the Rats in the Belfry
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